Sitec srl focuses on perfect quality and original ideas

The Italian company Sitec srl located in Offida to the North-West of Rome, Marche region at the Adriatic see cost, specialises in the development and manufacture of shoe soles. In addition to various types of rubber, the company mainly uses environmentally-friendly materials for its shoes. Over a short period, this relatively young company has developed a high level of expertise in the shoe industry, and it specialises in the concept, design, preparation of prototypes and the manufacture of models and moulds for the Soles and food beds of comfortable and fashionable shoes. All of its products in PU, TPU, TR, very light XXL TR, Microlight, real Rubber and prefinished soles are entirely manufactured in Italy.

Continuous innovation

“Our mission is driven by a constant urge to innovate. Amongst others, through research, we develop new systems for creating shoe soles and comfortable footbeds. And accessories which give shoes an added dimension. Of course, perfect quality and original ideas play a central role in this”, says Giovanni Stracci, product manager of Sitec. The Sitec team comprises designers and technicians, who not only make the models and moulds, but also create complex installations for new mould technologies, so they can meet the high expectations of very demanding clients. Stylist Isabella, from Bologna’s Belle Arti Academy and Milan’s ARS Sutoria Stylist school guides the fashion collection in the new way of style with proposal to the most important European Shoe manufacturers.

Attention to people and the environment

Sustainability and the environment also play a role in the development process. Sitec recently introduced

  • Microlight (expanded material lighter than PU with a better antislip)
  • TR XXL, a very low density TR with abrasion 133, tested in PFI labors in Germany.
  • ECOSoftrubber, a latex mix of natural rubber, real caoutchouc,very soft for comfort shoes and 5) the new thermoplastic mainstay of the ECOPOWER series EB. This product is made of vegetable oil, and is fully compliant with the biodegradability requirements of EC Regulation 94/62. After 180 days the product has degraded by as much as forty percent, and after 748 days it has completely degraded.

“By using EB, which can be used for several applications in footwear, we put our money where our mouth is, when we say that the environment is close to our heart. - Along with quality, comfort, finesse and style, of course,” says Stracci.


Most of our production is for the following markets: GERMANY, AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND, HOLLAND, EAST EUROPEAN COUNTRIES.