Sitec srl is specialized in the development and manufacture of soles in POLYURETHANE RUBBER, TR ,TPU, TPU RUBBER, and environmentally friendly materials for shoes.

The Mission

Continuous innovation, research and development of new systems in the creation of bottoms for shoes, comfort footbed, and accessories that allow a different perception of the shoe, with a perfect quality and originality of ideas.

The Staff

The team is made up of designers, technicians for the construction of maquettes, models and molds as well as the complicated installation of new molding technologies, to meet the high demands of innovation and creativity of demanding customers.

The Realizations

From drawing to maquette , from the models to the molds until production and delivery all over the world. Realization of the drawings, with both manual and CAD / CAM systems Implementation of maquettes / models on specific customer requirements . Mould production for Rubber, TPU, TR, PU, heel and footbed .